Launch your naughty website on our adult web hosting servers. Each service comes with high data storage.

Our Web Hosting Features

1- Complete data privacy

No one will have access to your private space on the server. Not even us. We guarantee total confidentiality and do not share any information with third parties.

2- 24/7 customer support

If you need an extra hand, or just want us to check your content and give our opinion, we will be there for you.

3- cPanel included

Our shared hosting is delivered instantly and you have access to the familiar cPanel within seconds.

4- Canada location

We are located in Canada which will result in a faster loading time of your site

5- Automatic Backup

Automatically back up your website files and databases with the built-in backup feature.

6- FTP access

We give you FTP access so you can connect and edit your files using an FTP client.

7- 24/7 server monitoring

We monitor our network at all times to make sure it stays online no matter what. With years of experience, we know how to protect our servers from intrusion.